Weekly Update

Blog posts summarizing weekly updates from the conference fund manager

June 19th Weekly Update

My proposal for a breakout session at [email protected] focused on challenges and opportunities in transitioning meetings online has been accepted! This week was spent finalizing the RFP and application questions. I’ll

June 5th Weekly Update

Joe and I are wrapping up aesthetic changes to the website. Kris read through the RFP and application questions and provided some feedback, which I incorporated. We’ll finalize our plans for wrapping

May 29th Weekly Update

This week, I spoke at an eLife webinar focused on reforming academic conferences. I wrote up my talking points in a blog post. After our committee meeting, I followed up with Danielle to

May 22nd Weekly Update

Next Wednesday, I’ll be speaking at an eLife webinar focused on reforming scientific conferences. I’ve put together a list of nominations for the selection committee. I’d also like us to

May 15th Weekly Update

This week, I submitted our interim grant report to the Moore Foundation. I mentioned last week that I’ve started working on a blog post focused on transitioning traditionally in-person events to online

May 8th Weekly Update

This week, I have been working on our first report for the Moore Foundation, due next week, which outlines our progress and plans. I’ve also been interviewing community members who have recently

April 24th Weekly Update

This week, I put together a write-up about the conference fund for 500 Women Scientists quarterly newsletter and spent some more time on the website. I also started putting together the first progress

April 17th Weekly Update

This week, I did an overhaul of the conference fund website. I’ll continue to work on it with Joe next week so we can make sure that the style and branding are

April 10th Weekly Update

This week, I started working with the OpenReview team to set up a portal for application submission and Jess and I have continued to work on updates to Code for Science and Society’

April 3rd Weekly Update

This week, I submitted a request to Open Review to use their platform for proposal submission and tracking. Once they’ve processed it, I can begin to put together a dashboard for application

March 27th Weekly Update

Jess Hardwicke (CS&S fiscally sponsored projects manager) and I met with Tracy to discuss ways to strengthen the CS&S Code of Conduct and how it applies to the conferences