The fund is managed by CS&S employee Dr. Emily Lescak (Conference Fund Manager). Its development and management are overseen by an advisory committee.

Current Advisory Committee Members:

Stefanie Butland, Community Manager for rOpenSci

Robin Champieux, M.L.I.S., Director of Digital Scholarship and Research Engagement at Oregon Health and Science University (Committee Chair)

Chris Mentzel, M.Sc., Executive Director, Data Sciences, Stanford University Data Science Initiative

Dr. Micaela Parker, Executive Director for the Academic Data Science Alliance

Dr. Tracy Teal, Executive Director of Dryad

Former Members:

Dr. Joshua Greenberg, Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology Program

Dr. Kari L. Jordan, Executive Director of The Carpentries

The responsibilities of the advisory committee are to:

  • Provide guidance and oversight of the conference fund’s staff and operations
  • Approve budgets, funding reallocations, contracts, and roadmaps requested by the conference fund manager or other CS&S staff
  • Nominate and approve selection committee members
  • Provide feedback on internal process (selection and review standards), external process (promotion and advertising), assessment tools, and equity
  • Advise the conference fund manager on development of a request for proposals and timeline for funding calls
  • Promote and advertise the request for proposals within professional networks and among organizations that represent and advocate for individuals under-represented in open data science
  • Approve final list of awardees for each funding cycle
  • Review post-cycle reports from conference fund manager, discuss improvements, and approve necessary changes to the process
  • Participate in at least one call per quarter and one in-person meeting per year (funded travel)
  • Commit to the advisory committee for at least one year
  • Provide guidance to the conference fund manager and other CS&S staff regarding fundraising, particularly supporting stewardship of funding relationships as well as building connections and partnerships with potential and current funders

The selection committee reviews proposals and advances funding recommendations to the advisory committee for approval. Committee members are:

  • Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci
  • Serah Rono, The Carpentries
  • Dr. Malvika Sharan, Open Life Science
  • Dr. Lilly Winfree, Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Dr. Hao Ye, University of Florida
  • Dr. Laura Ación, MetaDocencia