January 5, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to these FAQs (last updated January 2022), applicants are encouraged to make use of resources that provide information on and support for best practices in conference planning, and to review the guiding questions towards a strong application prepared by the Selection Committee.


Do you have a specific definition of "open data science" or can we interpret that broadly?

We recognize that there are many understandings of open data science and encourage you to make explicit what open data science means to your community. We define open data science to include practices that promote re-use, transparency, and accessibility in collaboration, software/tools, resources, and infrastructure.

About how many awards do you grant in every funding cycle?

In our first cohort, we funded 13 teams; in the second, we funded 11 teams. We do not have a specific target number of awards per cycle since it will depend on the number of applications and their budgets. In RFP #3, we will distribute up to $120,000.

Based on the previous years, what is the success rate for applications?

We have had approximately 35 applications in each of the previous two rounds and 13 were awarded in the first round and 11 in the second. You can read more about the first cohort here, and the second cohort here. In 2022, we are working to improve our reporting about events that have been supported; for now you can read more about some of the projects including the Carpentries Connect in SA 2021; DataFest Kampala 2021; Data Umbrella; and Environmental Enforcement Watch.

I recently organized an event and had the intention to provide live closed-captioning services, but my university’s accessibility service was not helpful in supporting this. Would you be able to point to a service that you can recommend in this respect?

Quick Caption and White Coat Captioning have been recommended by community members.

Any advice for groups that are re-submitting for this round?

We encourage groups to review the feedback they received from their previous submission, the resources on our website, and descriptions of current funded events. (First cohort of grantees here and our second cohort of grantees here.)

Will you fund virtual, hybrid, or in-person events?

For RFP#3, we will consider funding any/all of these event formats. Proposals should demonstrate how their proposed format (virtual, in-person, hybrid) aligns with their proposed event goals.

Can you advertise/promote an event, even if it is not funded by you, but aligns with your mission?

Yes! Please share the details of the event with us and we can promote it!

For the Wellcome Fund: does the event need to fall into all three categories of climate impact on health, mental health, and infectious diseases? Or if your event falls into one of the categories, is that still eligible?

One is fine. But don't worry too much about your thematic selection as it is only an initial indication and the selection committee will also be reading holistically to see which funding the event is best placed for.

Do you go back to the applicants during review and ask for clarifying info?

We would only do so if there was a clear need and reason to do so.

What expectations do the funders behind the Event Fund have around data about event participants?

Event Fund collects some data to help report on the impact of the fund but on the whole we do not collect identifiable information about event participants. For example, there is a survey that we ask grantees to share with their participants to have a sense of how participants found the events but all questions are optional and survey data received is not shared in its raw form; only aggregated and anonymized (if anyone provides identifying information). As per GDPR standards, we are considered an independent controller on the data which is to say that funders only receive any impact data in aggregate form and we only share anonymized information about participants to funders.

Do you intend to run this data science event fund in 2023 or future years?

We hope to continue to sustain the Event Fund into 2023 and beyond and are in conversation with funders to run future grant-making cycles. Reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in supporting future grant-making of the Event Fund.

I am interested in partnering with a previous Code for Society Grant winner. Is it possible to collaborate with previous grant winners? How would you recommend presenting this in the RFP?

Yes, you are perfectly welcome to have collaborations with previous grantees. Feel free to reach out directly. If you would like an introduction, you can also reach out to [email protected] who can link you with a previous grantee. In the application, as would be the case with any event collaborator, you would include mention of it wherever seems most appropriate (and make clear the scope/nature of the collaboration). The nature of the collaboration would also be reflected in the budget / budget narrative of the event (i.e. is your collaborator built into the budget as well or do they come with their own support to cover their time? etc.).

I do not yet have data on how successful my proposed event will be, but I have run other events and will be able to give an idea of scale. Would this be sufficient evidence?


Application Portal

I submitted my info on the OpenReview application portal but still I can't login to the system. What to do?

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble signing up for OpenReview! After entering your information, you should have received a link to confirm your email and complete setting up your account. If you did not, please email [email protected] and inform them of  the email you used to sign up, and what steps you followed in your attempt to create an account.

Is there any option to upload images to the system to explain or support the text?

OpenReview does not support attaching inline images to your comments or submissions, however you can format your responses with Markdown and include links to images hosted on other sites. For more information see the FAQ: https://openreview.net/faq#question-add-formatting.


Are events sponsored by organizations outside of the U.S. eligible?


Are there any additional requirements for non-US applicants/awardees?


Can the money support events in any country in world?

Yes. Any country is eligible and if your project is not fiscally sponsored by a local institution, we can work with you to identify a fiscal sponsor for the funding.

How should we decide who from the event organizing team should be the applicant?

The applicant is the primary point of contact for the award, so you should choose whoever is willing and able to be responsible for all of the reporting requirements and communication with the conference fund manager.

Can past grantees apply again?

Yes, and previously unsuccessful applicants can also apply again!

Are regional sprints eligible for funding?


Are you open to supporting events for K-12 teachers?


Do you fund a regular scientific conference?


Event / Fiscal Sponsorship

If a university is an event sponsor, do you need us to set this process up before applying or can this be done if we do get funded?

It is up to you, but we strongly encourage applicants to review the application, budget, and reporting requirements with a representative from the event sponsor organization before submitting an application. We cannot disburse the funding until we have the fiscal sponsor established.

As a sole proprietorship LLC, would we need a fiscal/event sponsor?

Receiving money as an LLC might affect your tax burden so you might want to confirm tax implications. We frequently encourage people towards fiscal host organizations like OpenCollective (https://opencollective.com/) that can be the entity receiving the funds. Such fiscal hosts work with projects to administer grant funding and the role of such a fiscal sponsor is to accept and administer funds, in compliance with US tax law. Learn more about fiscal sponsorship in the Open Source Alliance for Open Scholarship Handbook.

Can an organization that is not a non-profit be the affiliated organization?

Please email [email protected] with specific questions about organizational affiliation.


How would I apply, if the budget amount depends on the number of events held?  For example, I could run one event for $5K or 4 events for $20K.  Should I apply for one event or 4 events?

That is your decision to make. You can either apply for one event or all four. Please note that the selection committee may recommend partial funding for a proposal.

Can we charge a nominal registration fee for our event?

Yes, you may charge a registration fee for your event, but we encourage you to reflect on how such charges might create barriers to participation and how these barriers could possibly be reduced through registration waivers, etc. We encourage applicants to include these costs in their budget.

Would stipends for graduate students count as salary?

We can provide salary for event organizers, relative to the amount of time they will spend organizing and running the event. In the budget, please include the expected number of hours and hourly rate.

No. If you request partial funding, please include in your application how you will acquire the remaining funds.

Are taxes included in the budget for funding?

We did not specifically include taxes in the budget. If this is something you would like to be able to include, please email us ([email protected]).

Can I include swag (e.g., conference shirts) in the budget?

Yes. Include in “other” and provide a description in the budget narrative.

Since many events are still virtual, sometimes global organizers need to access more stable internet than they have access to at home. Can we include upgrading internet for event organizers or renting a room with wifi in an event budget?

Yes! You can include this in the accessibility section of the budget.

Can we allocate a budget for paying high performance computing costs?

If justified as needed to run the event, yes. Any expense required for an event and justified as needed for the event is considered.

I have already secured some funding for my event, where do I disclose this?

In your budget, include the full budget for the event and then notate which costs have already been covered by the monies you have already secured. (Question 21 about the budget narrative will ask you "If you are requesting partial funding for your event, please describe how you intend to cover remaining costs."). Even if you already have funding or in-kind support, you should include all expected event budget line items and then notate which/how much it is already being covered by in-kind or funding you have already secured.

What is considered part of "indirect costs"?

Indirects are the costs of administration, typically charged by the entity receiving the cash. We don't need these costs to be spelled out but if an entity prefers to charge all costs “directly” by listing them out, that's also fine. This is typically a portion of the entity’s operational costs such as space, utilities, internet, etc. that are needed to do the program work but go beyond just one project.