July 13, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific definition of ‘open data science’ or can we interpret that broadly?

We define open data science to include practices that promote reproducibility, transparency, and accessibility in collaboration, software/tools, resources, and infrastructure. We encourage you to think about what open data sciences means to your community.

About how many awards do you expect to grant in this cycle?

We do not have a specific target number of awards in mind. It will depend on the number of applications and their budgets. We can distribute up to $200,000.

Will there be another cycle in the future?

Yes! We currently have funds to run our program for an additional year, which will include 1-2 more requests for proposals.

Is there a link to the OpenReview application?


Are there any additional requirements for non-US applicants/awardees?


How would I apply, if the budget amount depends on the number of events held?  For example, I could run one event for $5K or 4 events for $20K.  Should I apply for one event or 4 events?

That is your decision to make. You can either apply for one event or all four. Please note that the selection committee may recommend partial funding for a proposal.

Can we charge a nominal registration fee for our event?

Yes, you may charge a registration fee for your event. Some event organizers will charge a nominal fee (e.g., $5) to encourage registrants to follow through with attending the event.

Can an organization that is not a non-profit be an event sponsor?

Please email [email protected] with specific questions about event sponsor eligibility.

Are regional sprints eligible for funding?


How should we decide who from the event organizing team should be the applicant?

The applicant is the primary point of contact for the award, so you should choose whoever is willing and able to be responsible for all of the reporting requirements and communication with the conference fund manager.