July 13, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a specific definition of ‘open data science’ or can we interpret that broadly?

We define open data science to include practices that promote reproducibility, transparency, and accessibility in collaboration, software/tools, resources, and infrastructure. We encourage you to think about what open data sciences means to your community.

About how many awards do you expect to grant in this cycle?

We do not have a specific target number of awards in mind. It will depend on the number of applications and their budgets. We can distribute up to $200,000.

How should we decide who from the event organizing team should be the applicant?

The applicant is the primary point of contact for the award, so you should choose whoever is willing and able to be responsible for all of the reporting requirements and communication with the conference fund manager.

I recently organized an event and had the intention to provide live closed-captioning services, but my university’s accessibility service was not helpful in supporting this. Would you be able to point to a service that you can recommend in this respect?

Quick Caption and White Coat Captioning have been recommended by community members.

Any advice for groups that are re-submitting for this round?

I encourage groups to review the feedback they received from their previous submission, the resources on our website, and descriptions of current funded events.


Are events sponsored by organizations outside of the U.S. eligible?


Are there any additional requirements for non-US applicants/awardees?


Can an organization that is not a non-profit be an event sponsor?

Please email [email protected] with specific questions about event sponsor eligibility.

Are regional sprints eligible for funding?



How would I apply, if the budget amount depends on the number of events held?  For example, I could run one event for $5K or 4 events for $20K.  Should I apply for one event or 4 events?

That is your decision to make. You can either apply for one event or all four. Please note that the selection committee may recommend partial funding for a proposal.

Can we charge a nominal registration fee for our event?

Yes, you may charge a registration fee for your event.

Would stipends for graduate students count as salary?

We can provide salary for event organizers, relative to the amount of time they will spend organizing and running the event. In the budget, please include the expected number of hours and hourly rate.

Is there a recommended balance between funds being requested versus funds being provided elsewhere?

No. If you request partial funding, please include in your application how you will acquire the remaining funds.

We are proposing a hybrid model of professional development for high school and college students with a combination of virtual interactions and in-person shadowing. Would we just ask for funding of the virtual part?


Are taxes included in the budget for funding?

We did not specifically include taxes in the budget. If this is something you would like to be able to include, please email us ([email protected]).

Can I include swag (e.g., conference shirts) in the budget?

Yes. Include in “other” and provide a description in the budget narrative.

Since events are virtual, sometimes global organizers need to access more stable internet than they have access to at home. Can we include upgrading internet for event organizers or renting a room with wifi in an event budget?

Yes! You can include this in the accessibility section of the budget.