Emily Lescak

Emily Lescak

Dr. Emily Lescak is the Data Science Community Conference and Events Fund Program Manager at Code for Science and Society.

Anchorage, AK
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July 10th Weekly Update

Next week, I’ll be onboarding the selection committee. I’ll also be hosting the first of two informational webinars with potential applicants to answer questions about the event fund.

July 3rd Weekly Update

We’re in the process of confirming our selection committee members. I’ll be meeting with them in mid-July to review our workflow for reviewing applications. I’ve put together a draft rubric

Informational Webinars!

We will be holding two informational webinars for individuals interested in applying for funding. They will be held over Zoom on July 13th at 10AM Pacific Time and July 21st at 1PM Pacific

Go global and go affordable

A conversation with Dave Clements, Galaxy project This summer’s Bioinformatics Community Conference will be the second joint conference between Galaxy and the Open Bioinformatics Foundation and the first held online. FormatThis year's

June 26th Weekly Update

Big thanks to Kari and Tracy for working with me to choose our finalists for the selection committee! Invitations have been sent out and I’ll provide an update next week about who

June 19th Weekly Update

My proposal for a breakout session at [email protected] focused on challenges and opportunities in transitioning meetings online has been accepted! This week was spent finalizing the RFP and application questions. I’ll

June 5th Weekly Update

Joe and I are wrapping up aesthetic changes to the website. Kris read through the RFP and application questions and provided some feedback, which I incorporated. We’ll finalize our plans for wrapping

May 29th Weekly Update

This week, I spoke at an eLife webinar focused on reforming academic conferences. I wrote up my talking points in a blog post. After our committee meeting, I followed up with Danielle to