Emily Lescak

Emily Lescak

Dr. Emily Lescak is the Data Science Community Conference and Events Fund Program Manager at Code for Science and Society.

Anchorage, AK
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October 9th Weekly Update

This week, I met with our program officer at the Moore Foundation about our progress and plans for the next year.  Robin, Danielle, and I met to discuss advisory committee rotations. This fall,

October 2nd Weekly Update

This week, I had two meetings with the selection committee to make funding recommendations. We’ll be meeting again next week to finalize the list of proposals they would like to advance for

September 25th Weekly Update

This week, Robin and I started working on a request for determination for our impact surveys for the OHSU IRB. Kari and I also met to review slides for next week’s CS&

September 11th Weekly Update

This week, I’ve continued working on slides for the CS&S board meeting, the annual report for the Moore Foundation, and the award notification letter.

September 4th Weekly Update

This week, I worked on a presentation for the CS&S board meeting, the annual report for the Moore Foundation, and the award notice that we’ll send out to our grantees.

August 28th Weekly Update

Our submission deadline was Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who applied. The proposals are now in the capable hands of the selection committee.

August 21st Weekly Update

This week, I held the second onboarding session for the selection committee and worked with the OpenReview team to incorporate the evaluation questions into our portal for the reviewers. The application deadline is

Announcing our selection committee!

We are enthusiastic to announce our selection committee for the Summer 2020 request for proposals! Big thanks to the following individuals for applying their expertise to help us select our first cohort of

August 14th Weekly Update

Thanks to Chris and Josh for providing additional feedback on the selection committee guide. I’ve shared it with the committee and we’ll be reviewing it as a group on Tuesday. On