April 17, 2020

April 17th Weekly Update

This week, I did an overhaul of the conference fund website. I’ll continue to work on it with Joe next week so we can make sure that the style and branding are consistent with the main CS&S website, which is also getting a make-over. We created an email address specifically for the conference fund ([email protected]), where applicants and the public can direct questions.

I made a project timeline for Q2 that includes target dates for finalizing the RFP and application questions and opening the first call for proposals. My primary goals for the remainder of this quarter are to continue to work with my CS&S colleagues on strengthening and clarifying our conflict of interest and code of conduct policies and to prepare for the release of our first RFP.

I met with a member of the OpenReview team to discuss the process for customizing our submission platform. Here are the key take-aways:

  • We have the option to create fields with maximum character counts for each question, or ask applicants to upload a PDF.
  • We can create and upload a form for reviewers to evaluate proposals.
  • All invitations to reviewers can be sent through the OpenReview platform.
  • Each applicant and reviewer will be asked to complete profiles with their affiliations; these profiles will be used to prevent conflicts of interest.
  • We can administer surveys to event participants through OpenReview.
  • Their team is currently working on ensuring that they are in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Jason Williams, organizer of the Life Science Training Group, has agreed to let me write a guest blog post for their website and give a talk at an upcoming community meeting about the conference fund. I have tentatively scheduled these for sometime in May.

Robin and I met today to review the draft agenda for our April 30th committee meeting. Our plan is to discuss the RFP and application questions, identify a target applicant pool, and develop a timeline for releasing the first call for proposals. We’ll also discuss the process for nominating committee members and our strategy for tracking impact.

As a reminder, in advance of our meeting, I would appreciate if you could take the time to review the following documents:

  1. RFP
  2. Application questions
  3. Impact Strategy
  4. Conflict of interest policy for selection committee